How happy are developers about their jobs and where do they live?


When it comes to software development, there are lots of reasons for you to choose from if you want to become one. From learning new things every day, to being in high demand, being able to work remotely, good pay and economic benefits.

How happy are developers about their jobs?

After cleaning the data set and unified the headers, I was able to concatenate all the data and answer my questions.

Where do most developers live?

For this question, I had to find the top three countries the respondents live in.

How happy are software developers from the top three countries?

From the above line plot, we can identify two different groups related to job satisfaction:

  1. Software developers in the United States, United Kingdom and India look very similar according to their job satisfaction. We can see that they have an overall higher satisfaction than software developers from India. They are slightly satisfied towards moderately satisfied, with a mean job satisfaction between 3.7 and almost 4.2. Also, we can see a little decrease in satisfaction from 2017 but it is still in the upper side overall satisfaction.
  2. Meanwhile, for software developers from India, we can point a downwards trend of job satisfaction from 2016 to 2019. Also, let’s note that mean satisfaction for India is above 3.5 and we can see in 2020 a slightly increase in job satisfaction.


  1. The US, India, UK and Germany are the top three countries software developers live in 2016 to 2020, according to Stack Overflow Annual Developer Survey, the largest survey of people who code around the world.
  2. Related to how happy they are as software developers, we found two groups. One from the US, UK and Germany, very similar, they are slightly happy about their jobs. The second group, from India, we identified a slightly downwards trend of job satisfaction from 2016 to 2019, with an increase in 2020. But, they are still above 3.5 job satisfaction, meaning a slightly satisfied view about their job.

Next steps

Now that we have a clear view of job satisfaction for software developers from 2016–2020, we can move forward and analyze how these differences relate to salary. Maybe there are also some salary patterns that can explain why software developers from India are a little less satisfied than those from the US, UK and Germany.



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